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I’m a big fan of travelling and I’m a big fan of tattoos.. so getting a tattoo while chilling in paradise seems like a match made in heaven..  But is it really?

In the last couple of years, the popularity of tattoos has seen a huge increase. Tattoo shops seem to be everywhere and there are great artists in every country, if you know where to look.

But this popularity also seems to have a downside: every self-respecting town has at least one tattoo shop and the more money there is to make, the more shops pop up to claim their share of the pie. There are even tattoo booths at festivals and concerts, ready to color your world (and body).

In and of itself this is not a bad thing, but do you think that changes when you consider what you get in return?

I guess tourists and party people are always looking for a bargain, and in my experience cheap shops aren’t always the best ones.. And what about tattooing people at a music festival? Aren’t they drunk or stoned by default?

Can you imagine waking up after a day of partying and finding out you got tattooed?

Done by Attila Bona @ Wildcat, Dublin

A couple of years ago I went to a festival where they also had tattoo booths. On my way back home I met a stranger on the train, who was proud to share that she’d gotten a tattoo and she wanted to show it to me and my friends. We all gathered around her and actually started asking what it was supposed to be, because we really couldn’t tell. To me it looked like a frog.. I don’t even remember what the other people thought it was.. but apparently it was a four-leaf clover, and none of us guessed it right..  Go figure.. Well at least it was the right color……

A few girls I met in New Zealand walked into one of many tattoo shops in Queenstown and made an appointment for the following day. Why that shop? Well, it was nearest to the hostel, so why not? But both of them only got a few words tattooed.. Most tattoo artists can make that work (if you remember to check the spelling) So it probably depends on what you’re getting..

Done by Maia Gibbs @ Left Hand Path, Christchurch

Maybe I’m just overly responsible when it comes to tattoos. I got tattooed in Ireland, but that appointment was booked 5 months in advance (I actually went to Ireland because I wanted a tattoo from that artist) and when I got a new tattoo in New Zealand, I researched all the possible shops in Christchurch and then booked 3 weeks in advance. I even planned it so that I could keep my brand new piece of art out of the sun and out of any sea water, without it spoiling my holiday plans…

Am I maybe too careful? Maybe I should live a little 😉
What do you think?




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