Monday, July 22 2024

Last week I officially announced my upcoming world trip.


This was news for some people, but others know that it’s been an ongoing process for the last couple of months, ever since I got back from New Zealand.




It started of as a huge desire to go back to New Zealand.. I love that country and there were still some loose ends to tie up when I left.. So you start thinking: “Is there a way I can go back?”

Of course, there is always a way! But which way?

There were several options: save up my vacation days to do another 5 week trip in 2017 (or if really lucky maybe in 2016); try and find a job in New Zealand online and go there to work; or quit everything here, get a work holiday visa and just head on over there without much of a plan.

The third option stuck with me.. But then I’m me, which means that things are never this straight forward..


If you’re gonna do something drastic like quit your job, you might as well go all-out!


Why quit your job just to visit a country you’ve already been to? That doesn’t make sense…  If you’re gonna do this crazy thing, do it right. Go all the way.. See the world!

So that got me thinking.. Where do I wanna go?? Where can I go on my own? Which destinations are awesome and/or affordable? Which destinations are so absolutely amazing that you’ll fit them in to your itinerary whichever way possible?


Trust me, that is a lot to think about!


So that’s what I’ve been doing for the last couple of months. Next to the basics like “how can I save enough money?” and “what can I do with my apartment when I leave?” the main issue was: ‘where to?’

I still haven’t figured it out completely, but at least I have a general outline in my head. I’m not gonna tell you, because that would make this itinerary a set thing. It’s not set.. it’s just a huge number of ideas of places I could possibly go to, somewhere along the way.

For now, all I’m gonna tell you is that I’ll start my trip in Bangkok.. and at some point will go back to New Zealand, because that’s where all this madness originates from. But other than that: time will tell!




It’s a good thing I’ll be on holiday after all these preparations


The balancing act of Yangon, Myanmar

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