Sunday, May 26 2024

First things first: I’m not complaining…


I don’t want anyone to get the impression that I’m feeling bad for myself or that I’m not happy with my upcoming trip. I definitely am happy and excited and all the other things involved in this adventure that is about to unfold.




hahaha yes here it comes 😛


I DO feel a bit overwhelmed by everything that’s going on.


To call it stress would be an exaggeration. It’s not stress, but it’s also not a quiet, relaxing experience.

I find myself to be in a constant state of hyper-vigilance: Is there something I should be preparing today? If there some appointment I need to make? Should I be packing up boxes tonight, or should I browse one of my travel guides? Or do I actually have time to relax and do nothing? Drink some wine and chill on the sofa?


It feels like everything is happening really fast right now.


I’m talking to my realtor about renting out my apartment and the first viewing will take place soon.. wow: that means that I have to pack up soon as well!!

I talked to the friends who want to come visit me on my trip: wow, we’re already planning these specific parts of the trip, which means that I should kinda know what I want to do with the rest of the trip as well.. damn, that’s quick..

And most importantly: I’m gonna be gone in 10 weeks.. and those 10 weeks are broken up by Christmas and New Year.. If I want to meet up with my friends and family before I leave, there’s only 10 more weeks to plan and meet up with EVERYONE! That’s crazy!

I have a list of everything I need to do before my trip, and every time I cross something off the list, I remember another thing I have to add.. Often even more than 1 thing.. So that list is not getting any shorter. It’s not necessarily major things: find my spare car keys for when I want to sell it.. Make an address list for all the people I want to send cards to along the way.. But it all needs to be done before I leave.

As I said: I’m definitely not complaining, not at all! But with only 74 days to go, I definitely feel the pressure of getting shit done in time. It’s a good thing I’m going on a long holiday 🙂




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