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Private aviation and business flights have been rapidly developing recently. Almost all large domestic companies just like their Western “colleagues” regularly use their services. This exclusive service is also in demand among private individuals. It is very convenient because there is no need to adjust to the schedule of the carrier, to perform unnecessary stops at intermediate airports, and you can fly directly to your destination. This way you achieve significant savings in time, which is the most expensive of all, because it cannot be accumulated for any money.

Prestige considerations should also be taken into account: renting a plane positively affects the company image, making it more worthy and respectable in the eyes of customers and partners.

When you rent an airplane you can be completely sure that on its board will be created the conditions that your colleagues and guests would like to see.

Aircraft rental: prestigious and comfortable.

Not all companies find it reasonable to buy and maintain their own aircraft. Moreover, even the most modest “jet” will cost no less than 30 000$, and in fact it still has to be maintained. In order to adapt it for your own purposes and make it more comfortable, you will need to give another half of this amount. However, this is still a budget option, if such a term can be applied to private aviation.

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The cost of a comfortable airbus in general can range from several million to tens of millions of dollars. But even such large sums do not seem that large when compared to the cost of maintaining its own fleet of cars.

An optimal way out of this situation is to rent an airplane. Its cost is also very impressive, but in comparison with the cost of purchase and maintenance of the aircraft is still less. Such variant is suitable for those who are going to fly with usual comfort, not to depend on schedules and other subjective circumstances.

Now the lease of aircraft is available to everyone who does not have limited financial resources.

How to lease a private jet and why it is necessary.

To date, private aviation allows you to solve such tasks:

  • organization of business and private flights;
  • helicopter rental;
  • rental of VIP aircraft;
  • rental of small “jets”.

Renting a private jet in Russia involves renting an aircraft by an organization or individual for a certain period of time. To begin with you have to pay the rent, which goes not only for the owner of the aircraft, but also for its maintenance, the pilots’ salaries and other urgent needs. As paradoxical as it may sound, renting an airplane, when approached wisely, saves money that would have been spent on airline tickets.

Participating in aircraft leasing has long been practiced in the West. It goes something like this: Several legal entities or individuals take on the use of an airplane in shares. As a result, expenses are based on kilometers and hours flown. Such a practice is also beginning to spread in Russia: leasing a private jet in shares can save a considerable part of expenses.

Many companies will offer to rent:

  • a plane without a crew;
  • a plane with a crew.

And you have the opportunity to rent a vessel of any class, ranging from a small “jet” and ending with a comfortable airbus.

Rent a plane with a crew

If you are going to lease a plane with a crew, consider that the cost will include the salary of high-class pilots. However, in this case you can count on the following undeniable advantages: you do not have to look for and hire people from the outside, you do not have to worry about piloting the ship. In addition, you can be completely confident in the high level of professionalism of pilots, their sound mental and physical health. Aircraft owners carefully monitor it, because during flight not only expensive equipment is put at stake, but human lives as well.

It is also worth mentioning that some aircrafts (Airbuses) can be hired out exclusively with the crew: in this way the aircraft owner is trying to protect himself from huge financial losses and his clients from tragic accidents.

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