Monday, July 22 2024

The fun thing about planning to leave home for a long time, is that you have to make time to say goodbye to everyone..

This of course can’t be done long distance or by doing a big event.. No, you have to meet up with all your friends and family one by one to spend a last bit of quality time together.. (any excuse will do, right?)

So two weeks ago my “farewell tour” unofficially started with multiple diner dates, afternoon-tea dates and late-night drinking dates.. And it will continue in the same fashion until I leave in about 2,5 weeks.. I actually like this a lot: I think I’ll plan to leave every year so I can do an annual farewell tour 😉

Last weekend was crazy with lots of food, lots of drinks and lots of friends.. this weekend will be a bit quieter but still crazy, and next week will be equally great.. My calendar is pretty much filled up until I leave!!

Yes, it is a bit tiring to be out and about everyday, drink and eat a lot and cut back on sleep every now and then, but I guess I’ll be able to catch up on sleeping when I’m somewhere on a beach in Thailand 😉 And all those pre-vacation kilo’s ?? I guess it’s a good thing I’m going backpacking: plenty of workout to come!




The craziness of Bangkok


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